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Corsica has long been a destination of choice for lovers of yacht holidays.

Crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscape make it a summer paradise.

During your days at sea, why not take the opportunity to discover the sensations of jet surfing.

Get ready to live an extraordinary experience in Corsica and make your yacht vacation an unforgettable adventure.

Jet surfing on a yacht in Corsica

Real added value for your stay on a yacht


Offering jet surfing on your yachts in Corsica offers a real plus to your passengers.

This will allow them to experience moments of adrenaline and discover new sensations. Jet surfs offer a feeling of freedom and speed, giving users an unforgettable experience.


In addition, this new leisure offer adds an additional dimension to the exploration of the Corsican coasts. Guests will be able to discover hidden coves, sea caves and secluded beaches in a very unique way. They will be able to get away from the beaten track and enjoy the natural beauty of Corsica from a different perspective.

A personalized experience for each yacht



Because we know that each yacht in Corsica has its own identity and style, we offer you a customizable experience.

We have the capacity to put up to four jet surfs at your disposal. Qualified instructors will also be available to ensure safety and offer lessons for beginners or improvement sessions for more experienced enthusiasts.


The provision of jet surfing on yachts in Corsica during the summer season offers an unrivaled experience, combining luxury and adventure. Offer your guests the opportunity to have fun with our jet surfs, while enjoying the comfort and elegance of your yachts.

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