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What is the Jet Surf ?

jetsurf in Corsica
Le fonctionnement du Jet Surf
La compétition

Jet Surf is a booming nautical activity that combines two emblematic sports:

surfing and jet skiing.

This water sport consists of sliding across the sea with a motorized board equipped with an engine. Jet Surfing is an ideal maritime leisure activity for extreme sports enthusiasts, as well as for beginners looking to discover new sensations.


History of Jet Surf 



Jet surf for the Czech Army : 


The history of Jet Surf dates back to the 1980s, when Czech engineers created a motorized surfboard to meet the needs of the military. Originally, the board was intended for reconnaissance and rescue missions at sea. It allowed soldiers to move quickly on water.


Designed by a Formula 1 engineer

Jet Surfing as we know it today is a relatively recent invention, having seen the light of day in the 2000s. It was a surfer and former Czech Formula 1 engineer, named Martin Sula, who had the idea to develop this motorized board, after being frustrated by the poor surfing conditions in the Czech Republic. He began working on a prototype in 2008, which was simply a surfboard fitted with a miniature jet-ski engine.


The first Jet Surf was publicly presented in 2010, at a boat show in Prague. The reaction was immediate and positive, and the Jet Surf company was founded to develop and market the board. Since then, Jet Surfing has grown in popularity, attracting water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

Global development

Jet Surfing is today a sport in its own right, with competitions organized around the world and a community of enthusiasts that continues to grow. Technological innovations have also made it possible to improve the performance and efficiency of boards, with lighter and more powerful models. The history of Jet Surf is therefore still being written, with many possibilities for development and growth for the future.






How Jet Surf works



A high-performance board

The Jet Surf is a motorized surfboard equipped with a motor that allows you to propel yourself across the water at high speed. Our boards are 100% carbon, which makes them light and easy to maneuver. The engine is powered by gasoline and oil, stored in a tank on  the board. The power generated by the motor is used to drive a turbine that shoots water at high pressure through a nozzle on the back of the board. This creates a propulsive force that propels the board across the water, allowing it to reach high speeds.

Simple use

The surfer uses a remote control to adjust speed allowing him to glide across the water with great precision. By tilting their body and rotating the board, the surfer can change direction and take sharp turns at high speed. Jet Surf offers a unique surfing experience, combining the power of a jet-ski with the maneuverability and agility of a traditional surfboard. Our Jet Surf can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h, providing a sensational experience.


The competition


International Jet Surf Federation

There are now Jet Surf competitions that attract top athletes from all over the world. These competitions are organized by the International Jet Surf Federation, which is the global governing body for the sport. The most prestigious competition is the Jet Surf World Championship, which takes place every year in different locations around the world.


Jet Surf World Championship

The Jet Surf World Championship is a major sporting event that attracts competitors from all continents. Participants compete in different events, such as speed races, endurance races .


Jet Surf competitions offer a unique extreme sport experience, combining the power of the jet and the mastery of the board. Competitions are also an opportunity to discover new talents and follow the evolution of this constantly evolving sport.

If you are passionate about Jet Surf or simply curious to discover this practice, do not hesitate to contact us to book your session with us.

L'histoire du Jet Suf
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